I'll be back soon!

Hi guys,

It's nice to be here again. I know I haven't posted anything this year. Well, I didn't post anything on my blog for very long time, I guess. It's like dead already. Haha!

Ok, some of you asked me what happened to my blog and why I never updated it again. So I'm here to update and let ypu know that actually now I'm busy for my final exam and research paper. It's such a big project. One last step before I can get graduated from this Master degree I'm taking. So, I promise I'll be back soon. I'll post consistently after I finished all these things.

The other thing is, I know there's something wrong with my blog. All the pictures disappeared (except for the last ones, I just updated it). I don't know what's going on here, but I did a little research and it was because of Picasa problem or something like that. I'm not really sure about that. I'll fix it soon! I can't wait to see my blog back. Well, actually it's about the words and not the pictures, though. But I'll fix it.

Thank to everyone who keeps visiting my blog and giving positive feedback to me.

See you soon!