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Why is this happening to me?

There's a time when you have no idea what happens in your life. Life doesn't go the way you plan. Problems come and you feel like giving up. You ask, "Why is this happening to me, God?" You want an answer so you know where you should go, but you just can't get it. You ask "Why?" because you don't understand the reason God puts you into the situation and where He will bring you from there. The truth is, you can't always understand God's works, but that's alright. You don't have to understand everything. All you need is to believe that God has a beautiful plan for you. Be faithful. Perhaps you can't see it, but that doesn't mean God doesn't have a great plan for you. Perhaps bad things happen, but that doesn't mean God doesn't love you. Have faith and you'll see hope. God makes everything beautiful at the right time. If it's not beautiful, it's just not the right time yet. What I