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Not Scared of Letting Go

How many of us do really want to let go of something? Let's say you want to let go of someone you love after breaking up with him, or maybe you want to let go of something in the past because it doesn't work anymore, but it keeps holding you back because you've been comfortable with it? How many of us do find it hard to let go? I believe every single one of us experiences this in life. It's really funny, isn't it? We really want to let go, but we can't. I wrote a post about letting go before (if you want to read it yet, click here ). Now I am writing the second post about letting go with the new title, " Not scared of letting go. " The keyword here is ' not scared '. Because when you ask yourself whether you can move on or not, the question is actually not “Can you let it go?” The real question is “ Are you brave enough to let it go? ” letting go "to let your frustrations, anger, etc. go and not let it stress you out like it ha

People Pleaser

When I was young, I was someone who always tried to do whatever people asked, especially for the people I love. Not because they tried to use me. I just couldn't say no to them because I thought it would be nice if I could help them and do what they expect me to do. I didn't want to be selfish. I thought it would be great to make them happy. I was the 'yes man' who would do what you ask, because I was the "nice, kind, and helpful" person, until I realized I just frustrated myself. I was once what they call people pleaser , until I decided I had to stop being one. People Pleaser "A people pleaser is one of the nicest and most helpful people you know. They never say “no.” You can always count on them for a favor. In fact, they spend a great deal of time doing things for other people." (Psychology Today) I believe you all know the saying " You can't please everyone. " This saying is so old, yet so true. You can't really