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Rain and Rainbow

People say there's rainbow after rain, but aren't you tired to just sit, do nothing, and wait for the rain to stop? Especially when you're in a situation that makes you feel like the rain just never stops and the rainbow is unreachable. I think the best we can do is to dance in the rain and embrace the present moment even when it's not perfect.   The rainbow may come later. It's not impossible. But there are so much to do in your life right now than just waiting for the rainbow to come.   The goal is not to meet the rainbow. Perhaps someday it will be here. But right now it's not here yet. There's not much to do with the rainbow right now.   Why don't you try to be friends with the rain? The rain is here with you right now. It's true that the rain can be upsetting to you, or even painful.   Tha rain may seem like your biggest enemy, but it just wants to be your friend too. It wants to be part of your life journey. It wants to be some chapters in yo