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Look to God, not Yourself

Few days ago, suddenly I was moved to post this topic on this blog, and a perfect title came to me. Look to God, not yourself. This title really represents what I want to share with you right now. Some friends of mine, who are also following my Twitter, told me that I tweet a lot about God. Yeah, maybe it's true. I told them my reason, " Because God has the biggest role in my life. I can talk about my life, my problems, myself, but all of them are nothing if there's no God behind it. There are many things in my life that I really can't do alone. Even when I've done my best, I still can't. I need God. Only God can help me and make it work. " God is the key of everything in my life. Without God, I'm just an imperfect and weak man. Life is too challenging, I can't even handle it with my own strength and ability. I am not able. That's why I really need to look to God. The only reason I stand still now is because I look to God. There are

Do I Need to Change?

I'm always so excited when I talk about change. I talked about it before. If you haven't read it, go read my previous post titled "Life is About Change" . And now, I'm encouraged to talk about it again. So, here it goes. Change. It is something very interesting to discuss. Change happens everywhere, everytime. You can see change around you, on your body, even inside you. One thing I learn about change: you can't always control it. So, when it happens, you must be ready whether you want it or not. I hate change . That's the fact about me. I'm an introvert person. Introvert people do not like change. Once they feel comfortable with something, they never think to change it, even if that change may be for the better. Sometimes I know it's better for me to change something, but I often refuse it. I always ask myself, "I'm happy where I am right now, why do I need to change? I love where I am today. I don't need change."