Do I Need to Change?

I'm always so excited when I talk about change. I talked about it before. If you haven't read it, go read my previous post titled "Life is About Change". And now, I'm encouraged to talk about it again. So, here it goes.

Change. It is something very interesting to discuss. Change happens everywhere, everytime. You can see change around you, on your body, even inside you. One thing I learn about change: you can't always control it. So, when it happens, you must be ready whether you want it or not.

I hate change. That's the fact about me. I'm an introvert person. Introvert people do not like change. Once they feel comfortable with something, they never think to change it, even if that change may be for the better.

Sometimes I know it's better for me to change something, but I often refuse it. I always ask myself, "I'm happy where I am right now, why do I need to change? I love where I am today. I don't need change."

It sounds true for a while, but then I think again about it. It's not always right. It sounds naive. Sometimes you need that change even when everything "seems" okay for you not to change anything. You don't want change, and you want everything to remain the same, but sometimes change happens from the outside, maybe the circumstances or other people around you.

Okay, here the case. If you're not happy where you are now, you need change. However, if you're happy where you are now, second question is applied: "Can you guarantee it's gonna be forever?" The answer is more likely to be "No".

The truth is, you can't control everything in your life. If you're happy now and you can guarantee everything will always be great, that's fine. You don't need change. But the question is, who can guarantee everything will always be okay like now? Circumstances change. People change. Many things around you change. You must accept that you can't control that. All you have to do is to prepare, and sometimes the only way to prepare it is to change.

If you know that change is good for you and you know it's for the better, don't think twice, you should take it.

Maybe you ask, "Why do I need to change it now? I can change it later when I really need to change." I asked the same question to myself, then I think for a while and answer it to myself, "Will you be ready when that time really comes? Isn't it better for you to change it now? You can still have many choices, time, and things that may help you to change. If you wait for that time, you have no choice except to change, and that's not gonna be harder. Everything will press you and that change will be more challenging than change you can take today."

After all, it's always better to change it now than to wait for tomorrow when it's harder to do.