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World Mental Health Day

Today is World Mental Health Day, and I want to talk a bit about this issue as it is something that always matters to me. I know (and experienced it myself) how painful it can be when you're trapped in sadness, depression, anxiety, fear, or any unwanted feelings and emotions. And the worst part is when you want to get out of it but you just feel trapped and there's nothing you can do, like you have no power and control over it. We never know how those feelings can hit anyone for any reason, especially this year when everything is fragile and full of uncertainties. It can happen to anyone in any situation. If you're someone who's currently struggling with it, remember that you're not alone. Never give up on yourself, because you do matter, and I believe this is not for forever and one day you will beat this. It's ok not to be ok for now. Embrace those feelings, knowing we're all human beings with all the imperfections and weaknesses. If you'