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Twenty Twenty (One)

  Twenty twenty. Thank God 2020 is over. Twenty twenty will be one of the legendary years. Perhaps in the previous year, none of us would predict what would happen in 2020. The world suddenly changed significantly, just like that. I would say it was the year of losing . So many things we lost. Many people lost their jobs. Many people lost opportunities. Many people lost their mental health. Many people even lost their simple reasons to smile. And the worst is, many people lost their lives and lives of people they love. But after all, if you're still here today, congratulations. You just survived 2020. It's such an achievement. For me, 2020 wasn't really the year to achieve more or set higher goals. It was simply the year to survive, to feel enough, and to be grateful and appreciate what you have. It was the year that life taught us to be stronger, to accept the uncontrollable, to prepare for the worst yet still be hopeful and faithful for the best. Twenty twenty one. Now we