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There's always a solution

Sometimes when you're in trouble, you feel like it's the end of your life. You see no hope. It's too much to take like there's nothing can help you get out of your problems. It seems hopeless and you have no idea what to do since you feel like there's no way out. Whatever you're going through today, don't ever lose hope. Just because you can't find solution, doesn't mean there's no solution. You just haven't found the solution yet.   Every time I get some problems, I always remind myself that there's always a solution no matter how serious the problem is. The solution is not always exactly like what you expect, but I believe there's always one. God has many ways to help you go through it. Sometimes God changes the situation, sometimes God changes the way you see the situation. Just let go of all your problems and have faith that God have a great plan to make everything beautiful in the end. He's the creator of everythin

Better to be Happier than to be Better

We live in a world where achievement, status, job, reputation, and money are the indicators of how successful we are. Everyone starts comparing each other. Why? Because they want to know who is better. Why? Because they want to be the better one. The question they ask is always " Who is richer? " or " Who did better? " or " Who has higher status? " Well, we don't need to play by the rule of this world. The truth is, the most interesting people are those who can be the happiest , not the richest or the smartest. The happiest people don't need to ask "Who is happier?" Only insecure people always compare. They need acceptance from others to make sure they fulfill the expectation of the world. Happy people, the true happy people, know how to enjoy every simple things in life no matter what people say, no matter what the world sees them. They don't need confirmation from others to make them officially happy. When they are happy

Love is understanding and accepting

It's the good things in someone that makes you love the person, but it's how you learn to understand and accept the bad things in that person that makes your love survive. The first time you love someone, all you see is the good things in the person. Perhaps, that's just the reason why you love that person. The one you love seems perfect and flawless. Even when you notice the flaws, you're just too in love to bother. As you walk together with the person, you start to know more about the real version of that person. The more you spend time with the person, the more you know about the person. Not only the good things, but also the bad things. You know better. The thing is, knowing better doesn't mean you understand better . Love is easy when everything you see is good. Unfortunately, when you decide to take the journey of love, it's impossible to see the good things only. The bad things are also there. Sooner or later, you meet them too. Will you

Show your true color

If every person was color, there would be so many different colors and every one would have their own color. Some people may think other colors are just more beautiful and important than their color. Some people can't appreciate their color and try to be another color. But I believe that every color is beautiful. You can be black, white, blue, green, purple, yellow, red, grey, whatever it is; that's your true color that represents who you are and fits best in you. Don't change your color because that's what you're meant to be. A leaf is green, and it's great when the leaf is green. The sun is yellow, and it's great when the sun is yellow. What if the leaf is yellow? No, the leaf should be green, not yellow! There's something wrong with the leaf when it's yellow. There's nothing wrong with the yellow color. It's just wrong when the leaf is yellow. It should be green. It's the color that brings out the best in you as long as put