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Be happy though you're not perfect

I don't watch TV series a lot, but I watch some, and one of my favorite shows is Glee ! For you who don't know about this TV show, it is a story about minor people who live with their imperfections. I think this show reflects all problems that happen in this world - gay, lesbian, OCD, down syndrome, accidental pregnancy, family violence, and many other things. Since the season one, Glee has brought a lot of issues that really happen in real life. I think there's always at least one character in this show who can reflect the problem in your life. If there's one thing I love about Glee, it's that the characters try to teach us that everybody has their own problem. Maybe your problem is different from other people's, but I'm sure everyone has something they struggle with. It's okay your life is not perfect, because I believe that nobody has a perfect life. What you need is not a perfect life, but a happy life. And to live that happy life, yo