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Live in the Now

If you think again about your life, it's quite simple to understand why you can't enjoy your life today. You think it's because of your situation, but it is not. There are only two reasons why you don't live well today. It's always either your past or your future. It is never because of the problems in your life today. There's nothing wrong with today, only yesterday or tomorrow. The past is not here anymore. The thing is, the past is already in the past. No matter how hard you try to change the past, you just can't. Perhaps your past did wrong things to you and brought you a lot of regrets. It might be unfair. You might get bitter or angry when you look back. But it's not real anymore today. It was only real yesterday. You may say, "But it's so real. I can still feel the pain today. My past makes my life harder today." Yes, maybe. Why? You feel that way because you don't let it go. But still, it's not real today. It'