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Because you're a firework

One thing you should know about me: I always judge a song from the meaning . And this time I want to talk about a song with a very impressive meaning. You know, this song is really a great song if you look to the lyrics. Guess, what song is it? Yes, It's Katy Perry's Firework . Well, I'm not talking about the singer. I'm talking about the song. I think the world really needs many great songs like this, not like many songs that just show your sadness about losing someone you love, losing hope, or facing difficulties of life. Those songs are just songs that make your problems look worse. That's miserable. The more you listen to those songs, the more you think about your problem, the more you feel sad and frustrated. But this song is different. It is like motivating you to keep your light shine, no matter who you are, no matter what circumstance you have in your life, even when your light is so little. Watch the video above. I really like the way this video wa