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So, are you happy now?

I can say that happiness is the one that people are looking for the most, but not everybody can feel happy, though they want. In fact, happiness is a choice. It's not about how to find your happiness, it's about how you make yourself feel the happiness. It's not about how to find your happiness, it's about how you make yourself feel the happiness. There are some people really know how to be happy. When they have problems, they just try to keep being happy and thankful people, and face them with good attitudes. They just don't want the problems rob their happiness. They keep being positive and enjoy their journey until they reach the 'out-of-problem' place. When they already reach that place, of course nobody can make them unhappy. They are just in the happy place they're looking for, they don't waste the time they have. What a happy life. On the other hand, some people are very difficult to feel happy no matter what they face. When they d

Love Learning

Hey blog! Finally I'm here again. Yes, finally! Last month I was too busy with my preparation for exam until I didn't have too much time to write blog. But now I'm free and I'm so happy to write on here again . Wohoo! Let's start. Yay, I have already finished all my exam papers last Tuesday. It's always like getting a big freedom after I'm imprisoned in the jail ( read: library ) for a long time. Haha! As I said on my previous post, this semester was actually interesting. I'm not saying that the subjects were easy so I would get high result this semester, but it's just nice to learn interesting subjects like Buyer Behavior, Leadership, and Organizational Theory. Those subjects are really good to practice in the real work, and real life. I really got a lot of useful knowledge this semester. I learned how people psycologically solve the problem they recognize with their feelings, beliefs, and actions. I learned how to deal with people and make th