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It's just your feeling!

You know what's real problem with this world? It's not from outside. It's from inside. A problem is not a problem until the inside of you makes it a problem. Some things like stress, worry, and anxiety. It's all from the inside. It comes from your feeling! Do you ever feel like everything is not gonna be okay although nothing bad happens? Are you ever so afraid that bad things are gonna happen when everything is just okay? Or, sometimes there's only a very small problem but you take it as a big problem and it makes you stressed? If your answer is yes, sometimes I feel that way, too. However, after I think again about it, actually it's just a feeling.Your feeling makes every thing a problem. It is something inside you that always tries to affect your emotion, and in the end it makes you feel stressed or worry. The truth is, feeling is something inside you that always tries to let you bother every single thing in your life, so everything looks comp