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Things I learned from 2013

So we're at the end of the year already. Don't you think time really flies so fast? It feels like only yesterday I just celebrated a new year. Ok, let me review about my life. Let's see what I can learn from all things that happened to me this year. Well, there are many lessons to learn, of course. But I'm gonna share some 'big' lessons I learned most from this year. Here we go! 1. Situation doesn't always get better, but your character should always be better. Some people say your life should always be better. Today must be better than yesterday, and tomorrow it must be better than today. What an ideal life. Unfortunately, that's not the real life is. In life, sometimes it's up, sometimes it's down. There is no guarantee that life is easy and no one can tell you surely that your life will always get better. There's a time when things go worse. There's a time when you fall down. Sometimes the situations are just not how it us

Quality time in quietness

Sitting alone in Starbucks, enjoying a cup of coffee, accompanied by my favorite book or laptop. That's one of the most favorite things I love to do. I love my me-time. It lets me learn and reflect myself more. But another thing I like to do in this coffee shop is, I love to watch what people do in this place. I see a Japanese lady who always comes there alone every morning. I see an old businessman who always enjoys a cup of espresso just for 10-15 minutes around 10am everyday. And of course I also see something different everyday. I see friendly people. I see angry customers. I make friends with the baristas. I find a lot of people who just stand in front of the store just to get Wi-Fi. That Starbucks store is really like my second home. However, there was something different I saw today. It may sound overwhelming, but I really enjoyed what I saw today. So a family came to this Starbucks. A father, a mother, two daughters. Everything went normally. The mother and two da