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Let go so you can breathe

Last week my grandma just passed away. It was a shock for everyone in my family, especially my Dad. Actually, my Dad is a strong person. It's very difficult to bring him down, except it's something that means so much to him. And it was the first time I saw my Dad got so depressed. It's like he couldn't accept the fact that his mother was not with him anymore. The thing is, he still didn't want to let her mom go. It made me think a lot. I told to myself, well, this is the life. There is a start to everything, but there is also the end. Everything has its stages, and maybe this is the stage where we have to say goodbye to our grandma. Some people come into your life, you start to love them, then you feel so happy when they're around, and you just want to enjoy every single moment you have with them. But we all know nothing lasts forever. Sooner or later, there is always something that makes you can't be with them anymore. It may be death, just like wh