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Who Cares About What They Think?

Be yourself, no matter what they say. People will always talk, and talk is cheap. It's like a never-ending journey when you keep listening to people. When you can't do it, they will say you're a loser. When you can finally do it, they will say you're not good enough. When you're good enough, they will still compare you with someone better to show that you're not really that good. Seriously, it's useless and pointless to follow what people say about you, because what's the point in doing what they say? To prove them you're that good so they will accept you? If you want to prove it, prove it to yourself, not them. Don't change yourself because you're afraid of what people say. Change yourself because you want to be better. If you really know your self-worth, you will not be easily distracted to what they say. Who cares about what they say? I mean, if you feel like you agree with them and you think it can make you better, that's grea

Lessons learned from Frozen

Hey there! I've been disappeared from this blog for quite long time. I'm back now to write something new. Just to share with you all, I just came back from Hong Kong Disneyland few days ago, so I'm still in the spirit of Disney, I guess :) Talking about Disney, I'm sure most of you have watched the new Disney's animated movie, Frozen . If you haven't watched it yet, you should! It's really great. Since I just came back from Disney and Frozen has been very overwhelming, this time I'm gonna write about Frozen. Let's find out some lessons we can learn from this film. I always love to do it every time I watch Disney film. Here are some of my insights: Face your fear. You know I'm talking about Elsa. She has magic and power in her and she's afraid of using it wrongly. Everyone has something they're afraid of. You too! Most of the time, you want to overcome it, but your fear keeps haunting you and makes you stop doing what you should