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Tiana and Her Ambition

About Tiana I can say Tiana is the most unique princess, not because she has the most different color of skin, but because she really has the most different character. The most unique thing about Tiana is, she's really a hard-working person. When she wants something, she will do everything, pay everything, even sacrifise everything to achieve her dream. Maybe I can say she's stubborn. She won't listen to you when you give advice to her. But, from different perspective, I can say she has a super strong conviction. Well, at least that's a good point. Tiana is a focused person. So far, she's the most focused Disney character I know. When she wants to go "somewhere", her way is totally focused, straightly from the point where she is to the point where she wants to be. You can try to change her way. But when she says she must go to "that place", she won't care anything unless it can bring her to "that place". In the

That's how I "C" Sue Sylvester

Well, for you who don't know who Sue is, she's a character on Glee. Well, I can say she's a bad character, and maybe the only one bad character on this TV show. You know, there's always one that "villain" in every story. But Sue is different. I love Sue. She really has character. I really love a strong character that appears in a story. I mean, if someone's character isn't really strong, there's no point to put that character in the story. It will be the story that creates the character, not the character that creates the story. And Sue, although she's very cruel sometimes, but I love her character. And what I love about Sue is, she's not just cruel. She's smart. She really uses her logic. She has a very strong conviction about what she does. That's why she's not easily destroyable. For me, she actually has a good heart. I see her like nobody wants to support her, so she turns into evil like that. Dear Sue, you're adorable