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Inspire people with your imperfection

"Let's inspire each other! " That's what I always tell to myself, and that's what I encourage people around me to do. I believe this world can be a better place if we can inspire each other. Most people think the only people who can inspire others are people who are perfect, or at least well-experienced. They think it's job for motivators and leaders. No. Everyone can be an inspiration. That's one thing I believe for sure. No one is perfect. Some people are good in one thing, but not in another thing. In fact, there's no one can be good in everything. That's why you can share what you have to others who don't, and in return, let others do the same for you. When we inspire each other, life is much more interesting. You might think like " I'm an imperfect person. I don't have something good to share to others. How can I inspire people? " You don't need to be a motivator or a leader to inspire others.