Change the Perspective

One of people who inspire me the most is Nick Vujicic. I believe many of you know about this man. If you don't, well, he's a man with no arms and no legs. Although he has this disability, he still lives his life to the fullest. He swims. He surfs. He married. He does whatever he wants. Even he inspires many people around the world with great stories about his amazing life. Isn't he really a huge inspiration?

I'm sure you know what I'm gonna write here. Many things we can learn from him, like being thankful, enjoying life, creating your happiness, or living the life you want no matter what the circumstance is. But I want to talk about his great life from a little bit different thing.

He inspired me in one thing when I read his book. If there's one thing I can learn from him, it's that you can't always change your problems, but you can always change the way you see it.

You can't always change your problems, but you can always change the way you see it.

You can't always change your problems - He's born without arms and legs. Well, imagine if he had a faith like "Someday I'll have two arms and two legs. It will grow from the inside of my body. I believe that." It seems like a good attitude, an optimistic thing, but it's not right. If he set his mind like that, he would never live his life like now, because he would always look for something that doesn't exist, and he would just be frustrated. That solution will never come. He's born with no arms and legs. That's it. But wait, it doesn't mean there's no hope. That solution doesn't exist, but it doesn't mean there's no right solution.

You can always change the way you see it - First thing first, he has to accept what happens in his life. Be grateful though he's not as "lucky" as others. Second, change the perspective! It's about the way you see it. Take something good from your challenges. See your problems as opportunities. Take a chance to change your weaknesses into something powerful. Just like Nick, he learned to swim without arms and legs instead of saying "I will never be able to swim like others, because I have no arms and legs".

Don't let your life be controlled by the circumstance. You're the one who should control your life, no matter what the circumstance is.

I don't say that you can always control your circumstance. Sometimes it's just far from what you expect it would be, but you can still design your own life with whatever life throws at you.

You can still change bad things into good things. It's an opportunity to change the worst into the best. Just set it right. It's not easy. Sometimes it takes a long process and time, but it can really happen. Even when the situation is bad, life can still be great when you live it right and see it from the right perspective.