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Stop Being Sad If You Don't Like It

The first thing I learn about being sad: it's very easy to be sad. The truth is, many things in this world can bring you down. That's just the fact. Too many, actually. There are always times when things don't go the way you want, and it makes you upset, then you get sad, frustrated, and depressed. That's very natural. It often happens to me. However, I also learn another thing about it: you don't have to stay being sad if you don't want to. The question is, why do you let yourself be sad? Do you like to feel that way? If don't, why don't you stop it?

You don't have to stay being sad if you don't want to.

Perhaps, some of you will say, "I don't want to be sad, but I just can't help it. This feeling just come to me without permission."
True, sadness is a feeling, and any feeling can come anytime, even when you don't invite them. But you don't always have to follow your feelings! Especially when they just make you feel worse. Don't play with it! Let it go. Don't keep it inside you.

I know it's like impossible not to think about it when things go wrong, especially when those thing are very important to you. To be honest, I'm also a kind of person who is very easy to feel that. But, there's a point when I realize that focusing on all those things doesn't make it better. It doesn't lead me to the solution. It just makes my life look more complicated.

Why do you let yourself feel sad if you don't like it?

I once felt so sad and it was really frustrating, then I asked to myself, "Why do you let yourself feel that way if you don't like it?" I took some time to think, and I finally answered my own question, "Right! Why do I punish myself like this? Why am I so stupid? If I don't want to feel sad, all I need is to stop it. I just have to stop focusing on things that make me sad. After all, it doesn't change anything."

When you decide to stop feeling sad, you change your perspective. That's the time when you can start to think about things that make you happy. If there are many things that can make you sad, there are many things that can make you happy too! Don't say you can't find it. The only reason why you can't find it is because you still focus and don't let go of things that make you sad. It doesn't have to be a big thing to make you happy. There are many simple things around you will do. For me, I just simply go to Starbucks, enjoy my "me quality time", read my favorite book. It does work for me. Yours may be different. Watching movies? Working out? Listening to your favorite songs? Just do your favorite things.

Why do you spend time for things that make you sad when you can spend it for things that make you happy?

So, what are you waiting for? Stop being sad. If you want to feel happy, now is the best time to feel happy. You don't need all things to be perfect to make you happy. You can always find that happiness because it is inside you. Sometimes you just forget to feel it.

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