Back from Hibernation

Hey, it has been a long time I didn't post anything on my blog. It's almost 3 months! Well, this is the longest time I didn't blog since I was a blogger. Haha. So, how are you, everyone? Oh my God, I really miss blogging!

You know, sometimes blogging is fun. It allows you to share your stories with people, showing them what you want to show, and creating something for people to see. But you have to be great in managing your time. I mean, you don't live your life by sitting in front of your laptop all the time, just to post everything on your blog. That's why it's like I left my blog behind these days. I was super bad in managing my time. It was a tough and busy time. Haha. I'm sorry my blog.

Now I'm still busy with my studying. This is my second last semester. I had a lot of projects, many things I need to study. I still have one assignment need to be submited by this Wednesday. But it's almost finished. Yay! Then, next month I will have final exam of this semester. Oh, student life is super busy.

But yeah, I'm finally back to write on my blog now. This time I don't want to leave my blog for a long time again. I tell you something, when I created this blog, I promised to myself that I would always keep updating my blog. At least one post a month. So, I broke this promise. haha. But it's okay. Let's assume it's just a hibernation for a lazy blogger like me! From now, I'm gonna update regularly! Gonna write next post soon. Okay, thanks, bye! :)