Who will you take to your limo?

Back to a quote! Haha. Yes, I love quotes, and this time I wanna show you a quote that I really really love. Not a rare quote, maybe you have read it before. A quote written by a very popular person. Well, I just wanna share it..

"Lots of people want to ride with you in the limo, but what you want is someone who will take the bus with you when the limo breaks down." -Oprah Winfrey

Isn't it a beautiful quote, no? I think it's awesome. Well, your life is like a limo. Everybody has their own limos, and I believe everybody has to face a bad thing when their limos break down, and they just need to take bus while saving money for buying a new limo, maybe. Or maybe they will take bus forever and never have a chance to ride limo anymore.

It's just too common for people to attract the limo's owner just because they want to be inside the limo. But this quote really makes me realize, not everybody is willing to do the same thing when the limo breaks down. Well, all you have to do is considering who is the one that you will ask to ride the limo together with you. It's one of the difficult choices in life, but if you don't decide it now, you'll regret in the end. Trust me.

Just like my life, I found some people who suddenly become the kindest person in this Earth when I have my own limo. Once my limo is spoiled, they suddenly change into the worst people. Yeah, that's life. That's human-being.

But I'm also so lucky to know that I find the one who always asks me whether I need to be accompined to take bus when I don't have my limo. The better thing about this person is that he never asks me to take him to my limo when I have one. It's a true sincerity. And I can't find it in many people.

I just promise to myself, someday I'll take him to the best and most expensive limo I can buy. Someday. I promise.