24 June 2011

Be realistic to be happy!

I learn lots of motivational words. I read lots of inspirational stories. And from what I experience so far, I always hear people say "Never give up!" or "You can do it if you believe." But I very seldom hear people say "Be realistic. It's time to give up."

It's good when you keep believing and don't give up for things you want to achieve. But sometimes you also need to look at yourself, open your eyes, and be realistic. After all, this is the way to simplify your life and start enjoying what you have.

Many people are too busy with trying and trying the same thing to get everything right and perfect. I was one of them. For a perfectionist like me, sometimes I feel like everything must be perfect, and I won't stop trying until I know everything is right. But I don't realize that what I do just makes my life more complicated. It makes everything more difficult, still I don't get what I want. It just steals my happiness and makes my burdens heavier. If you're someone similar to me, change it! Now I'm also learning to change it, and I can feel my life is getting easier.

The truth is, being realistic can move you from your complicated life to a simple life. In simple life, you don't think too much. Realists still keep believing in their dreams, but they don't let everything trouble them. You still keep trying, you still keep achieving. When you're right, you succeed. When you're wrong, you learn. When it works, you celebrate. When it doesn't work, look for another way. It helps you to enjoy your life, and that's the secret of a simple life and happiness!

Now, the difference is just in how you focus your life on. Realists focus to reach their dreams, but unrealists just focus on their own illusions.

However, it's also important to note that being realistic is totally different from being pessimistic. Don't be a pessimist as an excuse of being realistic. Pessimists always focus on what they can't. They're not willing to take some efforts to achieve something. Realists are different. They're not a giving-up people. They just don't waste their times to play their minds with illusion that doesn't really exist.

Be realistic. Simplify your life. It will be easier.
PS: I'm also still learning this one. Let's learn together! :)


nandazha said...

Thank you for posting this note. It's so inspiring :)

Lia Monica said...

cool ! i will try it, thanks for the words "Be realistic. Simplify your life. It will be easier." i like it so !! God bless :)